Formación HP – Barcelona

Coaching at workplace!

En  2017 hemos desarrollado conjuntamente con HP en Barcelona un ciclo formativo de coaching para trabajadores internacionales localizados en Barcelona; Durante la formación, estructurada en siete módulos, tratamos la metodología GROW de coaching y como aplicarla a las dinámicas empresariales para alcanzar objetivos personales.

Tratamos Valores, Emociones, Comportamientos, Coaching Up y mucho más!

Un fantástico equipo multicultural y siete entrenadores de la Alianza participaron en esta valiosa experiencia que fue de gran valor para los participantes y los formadores.


HP Introduction to Coaching

Participants’ feedback

“Very Interesting and very nice done. Everybody was very enthusiastic during the course modules.
I will surely use what I’ve learned during the trainings.
Why am I doing actions in work, but also at personal level
Awareness is very important and very good explained in all the modules.
Please arrange next sessions for other people.

Thanks Again”


“it is a Very Interesting Training. Lots of examples / Explanations
Change attitude
Create awareness
Importance of values
Self coaching
Powerful Questions

How to motivate yourself”


“Very good basic understanding of what is coaching. Starting to give me a new way of thinking, giving new perspective of life, making me curios about more.

Great Journey into the topic and a great thanks to all of you.

Might talk to you!”


 “I was skeptical at the beginning about what these sessions will be like and will bring to me, because we are a group and I thought coaching could only be provided in one to one sessions

From the third session about emotions and also the one about values, I started realizing how powerful coaching can be and I started reflecting about how can help me in my life awareness”


“The sessions have really met my expectations; it has been a great experience and has helped me to gain more awareness about myself and specially things which are limiting myself.

Nice sessions that are consequent and building on each other

Two coaches complementing each other / great coaches

Definitively a motivation”



Alianza’s Feedback

“The attendees have demonstrated a lot of interest and commitment during the sessions. Several session took more than two hours due to enthusiasm of the participants for asking questions and request additional information.

We have noted how the participants have increased the level of awareness during the process.